20 of the Best Family Board Games for Under $20

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When it’s time to plan a family game night, you know you need some of the best board games around – especially if you are trying to compete with video games. Today I’m making it simple with a list of the best games around for a family-friendly game night that everyone is going to love. We’ve got some of our favorite board games, plenty of classic options, and even some newer additions to the world of gaming. 

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Board Games for Home & Homeschool!

There is so much fun to be had when your family fathers around the game board for an afternoon or evening filled with board games. Whether you look for simple games for younger players or prefer more complex options, the goal of the game is always quality time with your family. 

In our home, we have a few traditions around board games including a new family board game or two under our tree every Christmas and our annual family game nights on New Year’s Eve where the whole family gathers around for an evening filled with memory-making fun!

But we don’t need a special occasion to play a quick round of cards or dig out a simple game. In fact, gaming is a huge part of our homeschool – especially history. Continent Race and Trekking Through History are two of our favorite games and a great way to learn without a textbook!

Trekking Through History is a super fun board game for homeschooling!

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The Best Board Games Under $20

While there are countless options available, today we are going to focus on the best board games under $20. Many of these will be familiar, classic board games that we all know and love. 

But don’t get complacent, my friend, because you just might miss the opportunity to find a new game perfect for your family on this list!

1. Yahtzee

Take turns rolling the dice in this fun, classic game for the whole family! Whether you are looking for a quick game for just a couple of players, adding excitement to your family game night, or looking to try something new, Yahtzee is a great choice! Quick, simple, and straightforward, you just roll the dice and enter your score or risk it all for the ultimate roll and score a Yahtzee!

2. Life

Spin to win with the ultimate game of Life! The main objective is to retire a million while venturing through Life’s challenges. Get married, go to college, have kids, and learn the best options for Life. 

3. Operation

A family favorite game is always the classic board game, Operation. Take turns trying to save the patient but don’t hit the sides or you’ll both be shocked!

4. Guess Who?

An iconic guessing game, Guess Who? is a super fun board game and the perfect game to play with younger children. Including two sides for gameplay, one the classic people that made the game so famous and the other pets, this game is both fun & simple. Just work your way through the board by asking yes or no questions and guessing who your opponent’s mystery person or pet is. 

5. Sorry!

Known as the game of sweet revenge, Sorry! is the a little bit of fun mixed with a bit of mayhem. Draw cards from the draw pile and move your pawns accordingly, but don’t forget to use a bit of strategy as you make your way around the board. And watch out, because at any time someone can draw the Sorry! card and send you right back to start. 

6. Chutes and Ladders

A great game for younger players, Chutes and Ladders is a beloved game for ages 3-7. Spin the spinner and move your pawns but watch out for those chutes that send you back down the board. 

7. Candy Land

Another classic preschool game, Candy Land is a game filled with different colors and sweet adventures. Young kids love the sweet surprises of double cards and character cards that can send you whizzing around the board. But do watch out for the licorice traps on your way to King Kandy. 

8. Trouble

Trouble is the fast-playing bubble game that is loads of fun for the whole family! Simply hit the Pop-O-Matic as you make your way around the board letting the dice tell you when to go and when you are in Trouble. 

9. Jenga 

A family favorite, Jenga is a block-stacking game that is easy to set up and full of excitement. Start with the blocks stacked nice and neatly and watch as the difficulty level increases with every play. The secret to winning Jenga is to simply not knock the tower over. 

10. Kerplunk

A fun game of skill, Kerplunk is simple to play but loads of fun. a game of skill! Take turns pulling out sticks from the tube without letting the marbles fall. The person with the least amount of marbles at the end wins. 

11. Clue

Who did it? That’s the question is the classic murder mystery game, Clue. Select your player and take turns trying to track the killer utilizing the clues. Be the first person to figure out who did it, in what room, and where, and you are the winner. 

12. Twister

Spin to see where each player has to place their arms or feet in the fun-filled game of Twister where flexibility can help you beat your fellow players. 

13. Hungry Hungry Hippos

These chomping hippos are hungry and it’s your job to feed them as many marbles as you can. The object of the game is simple – feed your Hungry Hungry Hippos as much as you can beating out the other players. 

14. Battleship

This classic strategy game is all about being the last one standing in an epic battle at sea. Hide your ships and then take aim at your opponent in the simple yet beloved board game Battleship

15. What Do You Meme? (Family Edition)

Filled with fun & laughter, What Do You Meme? is a fun-filled game all about having the right answer to caption the image with. A good game for a large crowd or anyone that wants to add a bit of laughter to their board game selection. 

16. Headbanz

A fun game of guessing the object, Headbanz is played by asking simple yes or no questions while the active player tries to guess what the object on their headband is. The player that guesses the most cards correctly wins. 

17. Watch Ya Mouth

If your family loves hysterical games with simple rules, then Watch Ya Mouth is for you! Read out loud with your mouthguard in and let your team try to guess what you are saying. Let the fun & antics have your family laughing the evening away. 

18. Ants in the Pants

Ants in the Pants may not make the list of best party games, but this classic board game is a must-have for moms of littles! Take turns shooting the ants into the pants in this silly game that works on fine motor skills, taking turns, and determination.

19. Guesstures

If you are looking for a really fun game to add to your board game collection, then look no further than Guesstures. Played in teams, Guesstures will test your acting skills as you try to act out the words and phrases on the cards for your team. But be quick – the clock is counting down and when time’s up the card disappears. 

20. Don’t Break the Ice

Bang, clang, crack! Attempt to knock out blocks of ice without breaking all of it and sending the penguin falling in the must-have family board game Don’t Break The Ice.

Board Games For The Entire Family

Whether you are looking for something new for your next family game night, or perhaps the next great gift for birthdays or holidays, this list of 20 board games under $20 is a great place to start. With something for everyone, you are sure to find the right board game for your family. 

Due to price changes & fluctuations, some of these board games may exceed $20. All games are under $20 at the time of original publication.

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