Are you searching for a planner to organize both your homeschool and your life?

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With The Ultimate Home & School Planner you can:

  • Track all your family activities all in one place!
  • Organize, plan, and record your homeschool quickly and easily.
  • Stay on top of your home with meal planning, cleaning schedules, and more!

Create Calm For Your Chaos

With The Ultimate Home & School Planner, you can create the calm you need to manage your busy days and busy life – all in one convenient and customizable place!

Do You Find It Impossible To Find A Planner That Works For Homeschool AND Your Busy Life?

I know how you feel!

And I know there are plenty of planners to choose from but often they are just too narrow!

  • A life planner is great but they never have enough room for homeschool-related items.
  • A homeschool planner works but it doesn’t have enough room for life, all the kids, or even all of their activities.
  • A print planner is ok but the page layouts aren’t quite right for your specific needs.
  • A digital planner is convenient but it just can’t handle the day-to-day changes that happen.

It’s Time To End The Planner Drama!

With The Ultimate Home & School Planner, you can quickly and easily plan for each and every aspect of your days, weeks, months, and years. With ample space to track it all and a variety of page layouts to choose from, you are just one click away from purchasing the best printable planner for homeschool and family life.

What’s In The Ultimate Home & School Planner?

  • Monthly pages so you can easily look ahead.
  • Weekly pages so you can start to get specific.
  • Daily pages have multiple layout options to you can plan based on your needs.
  • Goal-setting pages help you identify and track the changes you want to make and how you are going to make them.
  • Homeschool planning pages, including tracking high school graduation requirements, monthly and weekly planning options, reading logs, field trip logs, expenses, grades, and more!
  • Home planning pages including meal planners, chore charts, and cleaning schedules.
  • Bonus pages including printable sticker layouts.
  • And more!
  • In all, The Ultimate Home & School Planner contains 80 pages so you can create the ultimate all-in-one planner perfect for your busy life!

Custom planning created with you in mind

The Ultimate Home & School Planner comes in two different sizes: full-sized 8.5×11 inch pages and smaller A5 pages. It also includes multiple page layouts so you can choose how you plan.

At-A-Glance pages allow you the freedom to see where you have room to add something or where you are overbooked and stretched too thin.

And a variety of detailed pages are there for those times in life when you really need to plan down to the last detail.

Organize your home and school in one place

No more purchasing multiple planners. And no more trying to force a planner to work. Instead, reinvent your planning with The Ultimate Home & School Planner.

Plan for your home with meal planning pages, shopping lists, and cleaning schedules.

Plan for your homeschool with yearly overview pages, high school planning pages, monthly goals, and review pages for tracking progress. Get detailed with weekly planning either by subject or by days of the week. And easily track books read and field trips with customized log pages. Record grades and student progress with ease.

Plan for your whole life, in one convenient place. Plan and track by the day, week, or month. Opt for flexible planning with the at-a-glance pages or get super specific with detailed hour-by-hour pages.

homeschool planner, home planner, the ultimate home and school planner

Planning for you

Often as busy homeschool moms, we tend to forget about ourselves. Sure, the spouse is taken care of, the kids and their lessons are as well. The home gets what it needs, and so do the pets. We check in on our neighbors and our friends and even our Facebook groups.

But us? Well, we are cramming in late nights and rocking our early mornings looking for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

We are scarfing down the rest of the kids’ lunch because there wasn’t time or ambition to make our own.

And we are looking at that stack of unread books, the chipping nail polish, and even the fruit bowl saying that tomorrow or next week or next month we will do better.

Well, now, you have a place for it. A place to create a plan for you. Whether your goal is to be more consistent with sleeping habits, personal reading, exercise, or budgeting – whatever that change is that you keep putting off, I am now giving you space and permission to make it happen.

And plan for it. With goal-setting pages and worksheets you can plan for how you are going to grow and improve over time. Set goals and create the steps you know you need to take. Create a path of success for you so you can finally learn that new skill, curb that bad habit, or take that leap of faith and try something new and exciting.

Who Am I?

Hey there, I’m Kelly! And I know just how hard it can be to keep track of everything when you are homeschooling, running a home, trying to be there for your spouse, and coping with all the things of life.

I get it because, like you, I searched for years to find the perfect planner to organize the chaos. Yet, I could never find one that worked just right. Couldn’t find the one that had space for everything my busy life entailed.

And that is why I created The Ultimate Home & School Planner. It’s the only planner I’ve seen that can cope with the demands of homeschool, family life, and helps to make time for me, too.

Grab your planner today and put it into action! You’ll be so glad you did!

The Ultimate Home & School Planner FAQs

Is this planner print or digital?

The Ultimate Home & School Planner is a digital file that you print in your own home. Simply view the file and print the pages that you know are going to be most helpful for you. Reprint as often as you need to – as your planning style changes or your need do.

Why did I receive two separate files?

The Ultimate Home & School Planner comes in 2 different sizes. The first is a full-sized 8.5 x 11-inch planner. The second is a smaller A5-sized option. Both are available with each purchase; however, your purchase is only for your personal use.

How do I organize my planner?

Grab yourself a 3-ring binder (either 8.5in x 11x or A5) to store your planner and a 3-hole punch. Each category had its own cover page that you can either laminate, use purchased dividers for, or print on card stock to easily find.

Can I print as many pages as I need?

Yes! Your purchase allows you to print the pages you need, as many times as you need to. Be sure to save your files to your computer so you can easily access them later!

Can I share this planner with friends and family?

While you can certainly show off your planner and let your friends and family know how helpful it is, the copy you purchased is for your personal use only. Please show interested friends and family members how they can purchase their own copy of the planner.

I can’t find my file – what do I do?

Send an email to me at and I’ll help you out!

homeschool planner, home planner, the ultimate home and school planner