Where Is Your Delight?

I recently started reading the book of Psalms. Actually, if I’m being honest here, I am attempting to read the bible in its entirety this year. Some days are better than others, but all-in-all I am sticking with it.

When I hit Psalms though I was a little concerned. I’ve never read it in its entirety before. Sure I’ve read and heard the 23rd on more than a few occasions. And the long one, 119, is often referred to. Many of the verses of Psalms I am familiar with, but not the whole thing. And already, it’s proving to be an interesting read.

Delight and Meditate

bible, bible reading, hope, chaos, psalms, titus,Psalm 1:2. It sure didn’t take long to find something to ponder! This verse says, “But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditates day and night.”

His delight. Well, who is he? For that, I had to head back to verse 1 and find that it’s the blessed man. Yes, the book of Psalms starts out talking about a blessed man. And he’s not just called blessed, but an explanation of how he is considered blessed it given. This blessed man is a man who avoids ungodly counsel, the man who stays out of the way of sinners, and the man that does not sit with the high and mighty.

So this blessed man he delights in the law of the Lord. I don’t know about you, but if I am delighting in something, I tend to think it means that I am happy or content. But I looked it up in this context because I wanted to be sure. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just assuming I knew what the word meant.

In this particular verse the word delight, according to my Bible app anyway, means desire or longing. So while at first glance Psalm 1:2 is telling us that we might be happy in the law of God, it appears that the true intention of the verse is that we desire or long to be in the law of the Lord. That we don’t just want to be saved or call ourselves Christians, hang out a church or become friends with members. But that we have a need and are drawn to the law and the words of God.

I’m not sure if I am quite at that stage of delight yet. I may need to work on that a little.

Which is why the verse stuck out so much I think. But it doesn’t stop there. It continues with, “and in His law doth he meditate day and night.” So we have a man who is drawn to the law of the Lord, but now we see that this person is in God’s law, the Bible. And not only that, but he meditates on it day and night. He reads, he studies, he learns all that he can.

Yeah, I definitely have some work to do.

Where Have I Heard This Before?

Now I know, this is not the first time I have heard this. This idea that we need to read, learn, apply. Over in 2 Timothy we are told to study to show ourselves approved. That we are to correctly and properly understand and apply the word of God to our lives so we won’t be ashamed.

And in James chapter 1 we are told to not just hear the truth but to apply it to our lives.

Then there is Joshua 1:8 where we find that the book of the law should not depart from our mouths. That we need to meditate on it day and night (there’s that phrase again) so we can observe all that is written in it. Joshua also goes on to tell us in verse 8 that doing so will make our way prosperous and we will have good success.

So meditating, or reading the bible, studying, learning, applying the words and lessons it contains should be one of our top priorities. Something that we delight in.

Going back to Psalms, in verse 3 we find out that meditating in God’s word will make us like a tree, planted by the river of water, able to bear fruit in our season. Studying the bible will allow us to grown in grace and knowledge, and be what God wants us to be. And this is the promise. If we are faithful, if we do what we are supposed to do, God will also do His part.

To Grow Or Not To Grow?

It can be hard to do this, I know. Reading the bible is not always exhilarating or easy. Some of the chapters or books are complicated, some of the topics a little less than interesting, and some concepts confusing at first. Our lives are busy with bible, reading, hope, chaos, to do list, busy, timecommitments such as work, family, jobs, hobbies, or other outside commitments. Our time is precious and it can be difficult to commit to something we might rather not do either because we have little interest, or because we don’t want to know where to start. And sometimes, we just don’t want to change.

But we need to. Psalm 1:2 reminds us that if we want to be considered blessed we have to. And not just read out of obedience, but read because we enjoy learning from God. Sure, reading the bible can be convicting. It’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be life-changing material that will take you from a lost person to a saved one, but also from a new Christian to a (hopefully) Titus 2 Christian who can be considered an elder not just because of age, but because of wisdom.

As for me, I will keep reading daily. It’s my commitment for this year. I have already started thinking about next year, but I may be getting ahead of myself there.

One thing I know though, I that I don’t want to be considered a bearded baby like the church members in Corinth. Because that is what will happen. If Christians are only learning in church, they are not growing to their full potential. If church members are only taking their church leaders words on what the bible says, they can be lead astray. I don’t know about you, but I don’t just want to follow what my Pastor says. I want to search and find the truth for myself.

So I can grow, learn, and be better. No, I don’t always want to change, but that’s because I am stubborn. But with God, I can change, and you can too.

Where Is Your Delight?

So where is your delight? Is it in a few quite minutes a day with your bible, or catching up on social media? Do you read the bible for encouragement and learning, or more for obligation? Or is your bible gathering dust on a shelf somewhere?

If you are currently reading – awesome! And keep at it. But if it’s been a while it just may be time to start. This could be your opportunity to step out in faith, especially if this is a struggle for you. The options are endless, whether you want to read it in order or just pick a book and start. The Gospels and Acts are a great place to start if you have never read them, or if it’s been a while since you did some serious reading.

Just don’t forget to make your reading, your time with God, your delight.

What are you currently reading? Do you have a schedule you follow, or do you wait for inspiration? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Where Is Your Delight?

  1. I am so excited for you as you dig into scripture! I am confident the desire and longing will be yours as you press into Him and into the word!

    1. Thank you Malinda! There are many more nuggets to be found and much more guidance to be learned. But all great journeys begin with just a single step.

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