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Growing Patience In An Impatient World

We are a society accustomed to having things quickly. With fast food restaurants, mobile internet, and even express delivery we are used to the idea that when we want something we can get it – quickly. Today we can skip the lines with self-checkout, call ahead for seating at a restaurant to avoid the wait, and even have groceries ready…

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A New School Year | Starting Off On The Right Foot

If you receive my weekly newsletter, you know how much I enjoy the new school year. (And if not, you should click here to subscribe!) Much like your freshly sharpened pencils, your pristine desk, and your empty notebooks, the start of a new year is a new wonderful new opportunity. Last years mistakes are but a mere memory. Last years…

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Family Traditions – Why We Value and Keep Them Year After Year

While we only have a few of them, family traditions are important for us. The biggest traditions for us are around Christmas, birthdays, and our annual camping weekend. Starting Traditions Most of the traditions we hold to have been the same for years. For birthdays, the birthday person can choose their favorite meal. Some of the kids choose the same…

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