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3 Ways To Survive Potty Training

Here’s a riddle for you: On the best of days, you never miss once. On the worst days, there are accidents galore. What am I? Answer: Potty Training. That lovely time where you take your beautiful little child and step them carefully out of the last part of babyhood and usher in the big-kid. For some, it goes super smooth.…

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Learning To Be Still In A Hectic World

Last night I had a hard time sleeping. Even though it was quite late, and I was physically exhausted, my brain refused to shut down and quiet down. Instead, I had this long line of racing thoughts. Things to do, things I forgot to do, things to remember to do. A giant, rambling to-do list ran through my head. Then…

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5 Amazing Online Resources For Eclipse 2017

In just a few short days the moon will orbit the earth in such a way that it blocks out the sun – also known as an eclipse. Some parts of the US will experience a total eclipse where the sun is blocked out completely. Other parts of the country will experience on a partial eclipse. Either way, it’s pretty…

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Back To Homeschool

(This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links may earn me a commission at no additional cost to you. All companies listed here are ones that I have either used previously or will be using this year. For more information on affiliate links see my Disclosures.) August is here and if you are homeschooling this fall it’s time to get serious…

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